Bint Maggie Mae 2014

Thee Desperado x Miss Maggie Mae out of Bint Magidaa
2011 Grey Egyptian Arabian Mare


Bint Maggie Mae 2014 4



Bint Maggie Mae

Bint Maggie Mae full body

Bint Maggie Mae is an exquisite combination of both of her parents. Her dam, the world-renowned Miss Maggie Mae, was the last producing daughter of Bint Magidaa before her passing in 2014.

Bint Maggie Mae is the dam of a lovely grey filly, and she is being bred in 2017 for a 2018 foal to continue her legacy!


The MinstrilRuminaja Ali
Thee Desperado*Bahila
AK Amiri AsmarrTheEgyptianPrince
Bint Maggie Mae
2011 Grey Mare
The MinstrilRuminaja Ali
Miss Maggie Mae*Bahila
Bint MagidaaShaikh Al Badi